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Sharing the same vision? Come join the network! 

Refrigerants, Naturally! welcomes other major companies interested in becoming a leader when it comes to sustainable alternatives. Whether your company has already switched to HFC-free technologies or is in the process of deploying these - feel free to contact us.

What Refrigerants, Naturally! offers you:

  • expertise for handling the shift towards a climate-friendly future
  • a forum to collect and share information on HFC-free technologies and public policy trends
  • a place to manage the institutional and NGO dialogue in an open and non-confrontational way
  • an instrument for communicating with the supply chain and publicly taking position for natural refrigerants
  • an established "brand" with credibility and visibility - identified with leadership




Both, new and established member companies, commit themselves to

stand up publicly for the objectives of the initiative

  • make a substantial effort or investment to progressively replace hydrofluorcarbons (HFCs) and hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs) with natural refrigerants. The effort may be in R&D, financial investment, staff time or public engagement
  • develop timetables to move their operation towards these goals and periodically share their progress with the other members
  • share technical information about alternative refrigeration between the partners of the initiative.

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