About Refrigerants, Naturally!

Refrigerants, Naturally! is a global multi-stakeholder initiative committed to combating climate change and ozone layer depletion. We provide a platform for industry stakeholders to implement positive change in the fields of natural refrigerants and energy efficiency. Refrigerants, Naturally! actively engages with the business community, political decision makers, NGOs and other parties supporting our cause. 


Our key activities include:

  • Creating a shift in consciousness by increasing the support of natural refrigerants and zero-carbon solutions among end-users, supply chains and global networks;
  • Building on the right skills by expanding easily accessible and flexible training courses on technology options, policy frameworks and markets;
  • Facilitating a change in technology by accelerating the uptake and further development of climate-friendly technologies.

The Refrigerants, Naturally! initiative is recognized under German law as a non-profit association.


Our goal is to promote a shift towards zero-carbon cooling and heating by addressing the following areas in a step-wise approach: 

  • Natural Refrigerants: Only natural refrigerants are to be used in refrigeration, air-condition and heating equipment;
  • Energy efficiency: Appliances are to have the best possible energy performance;
  • Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions should be continuously measured and decreased based on the agreed indicator (i.e. CO emissions/value of goods sold).