13. March 2020
Refrigerant, Naturally! happily announces the start of the EU funded "Ref, Nat! for LIFE" project.
25. June 2018
The Refrigerants, Naturally! member companies have together successfully avoided the emission of around 43.5 million metric tonnes of CO2 through transition to natural refrigerants. In 2004 the members of Refrigerants, Naturally! together with Greenpeace and UN Environment, set out to accomplish an ambitious mission. That mission was, to set clear, industry-leading targets, with each members’ CEO support, for an accelerated transition from F-gas refrigerants such as HFCs, HCFCs and CFCs to...
05. December 2016
The Japanese branch of The Coca-Cola Company is leading by example. Their goal, as is the goal of the TCCC headquarter, is to be 100% HFC free by 2020. HFC free means - as for all Refrigerants, Naturally! member companies - 100% natural refrigerants in all point of sale units. The Coca-Cola Company has been and still is actively pushing for the global uptake of CO2 and Hydrocarbon refrigeration systems. Read the article as published in the latest Accelerate Australia & New Zealand here....
17. November 2016
During the high level segment at COP22 in Marrakesh, Morocco the new report on Business Contribution to Global Climate Action was launched. The coordinated effort of UNEP, UNFCCC, and UN Global Impact, shows the importance of business contribution for global climate action. The report identifies pathways to low-carbon and resilient business development. Refrigerants, Naturally! and its members are identified as one of the leading business cooperatives in reducing GHGs. Access the report at the...
15. October 2016
The discussions on the HFC Amendment have finally come to a successful end. On the morning of October 15, 2016 the HFC Amendment was signd by the Parties of the Montreal Protocol in Kigali, Rwanda. Refrigerants, Naturally! congratulates the Parties on their fruitful negotiations. Phasing out HFCs at a global level is a major step in ending global warming and combating climate change. The members of Refrigerants, Naturally! urge all countries to take this historical opportunity to speedily...
21. June 2016
Antoine Azar of The Coca-Cola Company announced at ATMOsphere America that Coca-Cola will use hydrocarbons in the future for smaller cooler equipment (equipment below 100L). The preferred refrigerant of choice for The Coca-Cola Company will remain CO2, but due to the specific system configuration of smaller refrigeration units, hydrocarbons will be used in addition to CO2. Read the full article here.
17. May 2016
The Partnerships for SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) online platform was launched in the lead-up to the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit for the adoption of the post-2015 development agenda. The new and fully accessible platform now provides a space for showcasing multi-stakeholder partnerships that conduct activities in those countries that take part in the national reviews. Refrigerants, Naturally! members phase out all F-gases and improve on the energy efficiency in their...
03. March 2016
In this webinar Refrigerants, Naturally! members presented on bottlenecks and barriers in ensuring service and maintenance for natural refrigerant stand-alone units and how they overcame these barriers. They discussed their applied processes for improving local knowledge on servicing CO2 and HC systems. Watch the full recording on our Vimeo channel.
12. February 2016
The Australian Refrigeration Association (ARA) compiled a list of top sources for information on natural refrigerant technology. Refrigerants, Naturally! is ranked under the Top 6! We are honored to represent a source of information for the natural refrigerant future of refrigeration systems. Our member companies believe that natural refrigerants are the most efficient and sustainable solution for light commercial refrigeration equipment and we believe that international collaboration between...
22. July 2015
Antoine Azar of The Coca-Cola Company presented in the name of TCCC and Refrigerants, Naturally! at the UNEP OzonAction side event at the 36th Open Ended Working Group of the Montreal Protocol. As part of the panel on the safe use of alternatives to HCFCs he presented on CO2 and hydrocarbon systems around the globe.

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