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Refrigerants, Naturally! welcomes the active participation from individual food retailers, supermarket chains, RACHP servicing companies, training providers, system and component suppliers, NGOs and other stakeholders that want to promote the shift to climate friendly cooling.

Participate in our online market survey

Get involved! Help to promote the switch to climate-friendly technologies in the small (organic) food retail sector and thus reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by participating in our online survey.

Stores selling food have a 50% higher energy usage than other commercial buildings. Refrigeration makes up to 30-50% of total energy in a store and therefore is a large contributor to a food retailer’s overall environmental impact.

Currently, no reliable data exists about the use of refrigeration, air conditioning and heating equipment, or on user needs in the Organic Food Retail (OFR)/ small food retail sector. There is a need to get a better understanding of small shop owners' needs, the status quo as well as cooling and heating technology trends (with the focus on refrigeration equipment) used by the OFR sector, small supermarkets (up to 1,000m² sales area) and other food markets across Europe

ACCESS Online survey for shop owners here

This survey among shop owners will help to understand the options and motivation of shop owners for the future introduction of new energy efficient and low GWP equipment in these sectors. Based on the survey results, shop owners will be provided with a tool to benchmark energy and GHG emission performances for their appliances.

ACCESS online survey for servicing companies / contractors here

This survey will help to understand the nature and scope of RACHP technicians working in OFR/small (food) market segments. The findings will provide a clear picture of the trends in servicing and refrigerant use patterns and also give an overview on the general awareness of using environmentally friendly refrigerants among RACHP technicians.

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BioFach 2020

World’s Leading Trade Fair for Organic Food

12-15 February in Nuremberg, Germany 

Meet us at the BNN both in Hall 9; 350 to find out more about our project, its goals and how you can get involved.

EuroShop 2020

The World’s No.1 Retail Trade Fair

16-20 February in Düsseldorf, Germany 

Meet our project partner BIV at the ZVKKW both in Hall 15: E24-8, to find out more about our project, its goals and how you can get involved 


19 March 2020 in Darmstadt, Germany 

The RefNat4LIFE project will be presented at the symposium focusing on sustainability trends in the food retail sector. See the full programme here. 

Join us

Working towards the goals of the Refrigerants, Naturally! initiative will be beneficial for member companies in the following ways: 

  1. Achieving “Future Fitness”: With the switch to natural refrigerants upcoming requirements will be met
  2. Optimizing energy efficiency at different levels will result in considerable economic benefits

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