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April 2014

OzonAction Webinar on "Refrigerants, Naturally! - Cool partnership"

In this webinar, Refrigerants, Naturally! will share insights on the partnership’s experience to date in applying natural refrigeration technologies, and hopes to discuss options that could encourage the emergence of more climate-friendly practices in the future. The webinar is hosted by UNEP's OzonAction programme.

Time and date: Monday, 14 April, 2pm CEST (GMT+2)

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January 2014

Coca-Cola installs 1 millionth HFC-Free cooler

The Coca-Cola Company has installed its 1 millionth hydrofluorocarbon (HFC)-free cooler using natural refrigerant in the marketplace, preventing the emission of 5.25 million metric tons of CO2 over 10 years. Together with its bottling partners, The Coca-Cola System has established a goal that all new cold-drink equipment will be HFC-free by 2015.


November 2013

Refrigerants, Naturally! members and Greenpeace urge all parties of the UNFCCC at COP 19 in Warsaw to declare their support of an HFC phase-down under the Montreal Protocol.

An international agreement to use the expertise and the institutions of the Montreal Protocol to phase down the production and consumption of HFCs would be an important step towards a phase-down and eventual phase-out of these substances.

Refrigerants, Naturally! members and Greenpeace urge all parties of the UNFCCC to declare their support of formal negotiations of HFC phase-down under the Montreal Protocol.

To learn more, download our position statement here.

October 2013

Refrigerants, Naturally! welcomes the G-20 commitment to phase down HFCs under the Montreal Protocol

Natural refrigerant based technologies have been commercially available for many years now and will continue to penetrate the market.

To multiply these experiences and further accele­rate their market uptake globally, strong commitment from political decision makers is needed. 

Therefore, the Refrigerants, Naturally! member companies highly appreciate the G-20 commit­ment to seek an international agreement that will introduce an HFC phase down under the Montreal Protocol. We believe this is an effective way to control these emissions.

To learn more, download our position statement here.

June 2013

For the first time in human history, CO2 levels in the atmosphere have reached the 400 parts per mil­lion threshold. Refrigerants, Naturally! firmly believes that current emissions of greenhouse gases, including HFCs, must be rapidly reduced to avert further climate change.

Refrigerants, Naturally! calls for an immediate HFC phase-down under the Montreal Protocol

Download our position statement here.

Facts and figures

We are a global initiative of companies committed to combat  climate change and depletion of the ozone layer by replacing environmentally harmful fluorinated gases (‛F-gases’ such as CFCs, HCFCs and HFCs) with natural refrigerants.

Membership in the initiative includes PepsiCo, Red Bull, The Coca-Cola Company and Unile­ver. The initiative is supported by Greenpeace and by the United Nations Environment Pro­gramme (UNEP).

The key goal of the initiative is to promote a shift in point-of-sale cooling technologies (beverage coolers/vendors and ice-cream freezers) towards natural refrigerants. This sector represents a sig­nificant portion of F-gas refrigerant use.

Globally, The Coca-Cola Company has placed 800.000 units using natural refrigerants and is committed to buy only HFC-free equipment from 2015. Unilever has placed over 1 million units – reaching into every country that they operate in. With 313.000 units of its efficient ECO cooler, more than one third of Red Bull units worldwide use natural refrigerants. PepsiCo has now reached over 200.000 HFC-free units.

Please browse the following pages to learn more about the initiative.

Sylvie Lemmet Director UNEP Division of Technology, Industry and Economics