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Refrigerants, naturally!

We are an initiative of international companies taking action against global warming and ozone layer depletion. We replace harmful greenhouse gases in our point-of-sales cooling and freezing units with climate-friendly natural refrigerants. Our goal is to make them the preferred cooling technology – in a safe, reliable and cost effective manner.

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Global distribution of natural refrigerant units

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Kumi NaidooExecutive director of Greenpeace

We welcome the commitments made by Refrigerants, Naturally! A world without the harmful climate changing effects of F-gases is entirely possible. We look to these companies to take a strong lead on this issue and help influence others to do the same.

Kumi Naidoo, International executive director of Greenpeace

Reductions and Benefits so far

7.25 million

Units using

Natural Refrigerants

By the end of 2017 – 13 years after the start of Refrigerants, Naturally!  – we have collectively placed 7.25 million units using natural refrigerants worldwide. These reductions have prevented the emission of around 43.5 million metric tons of CO2. This is equal to the annual emissions of more than 8.86 million passenger vehicles.

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Tackling climate change

The technology for climate-friendly refrigeration is already available today. Our member companies and their suppliers have developed, tested and placed on the market equipment using natural refrigerants. Our vision is to make natural refrigerants the technology of choice for end-users and suppliers worldwide. Therefore, we invest in the development of appliances and support positive regulatory and political framework.

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Reducing Greenhouse Gases

Synthetic refrigerants add significantly to the destruction of the ozone layer. Therefore their phase-out started under the Montreal Protocol in the 1980s. The ozone-friendly successors however, the hydrofluorocarbons or HFCs, contribute up to 4,000 times more than CO2 to global warming.

Today there is a sustainable alternative on the market – natural refrigerants. In the amounts used in refrigeration they have no or only negligible impact on the climate.

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