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Protecting Our Climate

Refrigerants, Naturally! is a global, non-profit initiative of companies in the food and drink, food service and consumer goods sectors. Our current members are PepsiCo, Red Bull, The Coca-Cola Company and Unilever. In addition to the corporate members of the initiative, Greenpeace and UN Environment are supporters of the initiative. They consult Refrigerants, Naturally! in an ongoing dialogue. Our network has been recognised as a "Partnership for Sustainable Development" by the UN Commission on Sustainable Development.

Our initiative is taking action against global warming and ozone layer depletion.                           

Key goals of Refrigerants, Naturally! are to

  • promote a shift in the point-of-sale cooling technology towards natural refrigerants, e.g. for branded cooling and freezing units for drinks and ice-creams in supermarkets, bars or your local corner shop
  • do this whilst improving or at least maintaining energy efficiency compared to common fluorocarbon based technology
  • provide a platform and communicate with the refrigeration technology supply chain, with other end-users, governments and civil society. 

Our Strategy towards these Goals

Refrigerants, Naturally! supports a regulatory and political framework that encourages investment in climate-friendly technologies. All our members are working on different technological options and are at different stages of market implementation. Nevertheless, we share a commitment to eliminate fluorinated gases, such as chlorofluorocarbons (CFC), hydrochlorofluorcarbons (HCFC) and hydrofluorocarbons (HFC), in our point-of-sale cooling appliances. We are convinced that alternative technologies on the market are safe, efficient and reliable, whilst offering environmental benefits.

Pursuing this strategy, our member companies are reducing their impact on climate change by

  • replacing synthetic with natural refrigerants
  • using HFC-free insulation material
  • reducing the energy consumption of new refrigeration equipment.

Based on first-hand experience Refrigerants, Naturally! promotes best-practices in climate-friendly technologies among other companies. We encourage them to join our initiative and offer our expertise for handling the change.



Refrigerants, Naturally! was founded 2004 by The Coca Cola Company, Unilever and McDonald's. The founding companies committed to an HFC-free future for their cooling and freezing units during the "Refrigerants, Naturally! Conference 2004", which showcased innovative technologies with a focus on point-of-sale cooling appliances. PepsiCo and RedBull joined the initiative a few years later.