Refrigerants, Naturally!

Protecting our climate with natural refrigerants

Refrigerants, Naturally! is a global initiative committed to combating climate change and ozone layer depletion. We promote the use of natural refrigerants and provide a platform to engage with the business community, political decision makers, NGOs and other parties. Through this initiative, we wish to raise awareness about natural refrigerants and accelerate the implementation of climate-friendly alternatives in refrigeration, air-conditioning and heat pump technology (RACHP). 





what our members say

"STEK is member of the Refrigerant Naturally! Association. We have mutual targets and moreover, RefNat! broadens our scope to an European scale and to a wider variety of stakeholders. Together we can achieve more than operating alone. RefNat! also provides us with innovative and up to date information on natural refrigerants. We do recommend membership!"


Projects and activities

Go Refrigerants, Naturally! - support ambitious EU policies!

 Support for an ambitious revision of the EU F-Gas regulation is growing: Almost fifty companies and organisations from the RACHP sector have signed respective statements that will be forwarded to key EU and national policy makers.


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Refrigerants, Naturally! for LIFE


RefNat4LIFE is an EU-funded project with small organic food retailers joining forces and share information on energy efficient cooling equipment using natural refrigerants. It was initiated by Refrigerants, Naturally! members.

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