Our members

Joining forces to combat climate change

Our member network consists of front-running RACHP innovators that actively want to contribute to our goals.

Membership is open to all companies, organisations, associations, institutions or individuals seeking to support us in promoting the global uptake of natural refrigerants.


Among our members are the following companies and organisations:


- ECOS - Environmental Coalition on Standards

- SEAE- Sociedad Española de Agricultura Ecológica


The Portuguese Association of Organic Farming is a pioneer institution leading the dissemination and development of Organic Farming in Portugal. While being primarily focused on agriculture, AgroBiohas extended its mandate towards broader environment protection and consumer protection. Its main role is to help actors in the organic food value chain with technical and commercial support, including training for consumers, technicians and store owners.

Bundesinnungsverband des Deutschen Kälteanlagenbauerhandwerks

BIV represents enterprises responsible for the design, installation, maintenance and repair of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment. It supports the interests of its members in the skilled crafts of refrigeration plant construction in accordance with the legal requirements. As member of the Central Guild of German Trades (ZDH), BIV develops the political, national and commercial environment of its own trade.

Bundesverband Naturkost Naturwaren (BNN) e.V.

BNN is the Association of Organic Processors, Wholesalers and Retailers which represents the interests of the organic food and natural goods sector on a political and economical level. The association participates in the constitution of national and international legislative projects, for example in the enhancements of the EU-Organic Regulations. Furthermore, it issues press relations and is active in public relations.

Deutsche Umwelthilfe e.V. (DUH)

DUH has been campaigning to preserve the natural foundations of life for more than 40 years and can rely on a broad network on national and international level. DUH has been working for years to support the phase-out of f-gases and the broad application of natural refrigerants in different applications – stationary and mobile.

ENTROPYCS (ENTROPY Cooling Solutions)

ENTROPYCS is an engineering and training partner for refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump technologies. ENTROPYCS' mission is to support natural refrigerants, minimize energy use, combat climate change and help companies to do sound and socially responsible business.

HEAT International GmbH

HEAT is an international consultancy company specialised on climate technologies and governance, carbon-neutral cooling solutions and sustainable transport. HEAT is working, among others, on national cooling plans and supports governments of developing countries in introducing MEPs and labels.                                 

itho daalderop

ITHO Daalderop is a Dutch manufacturer for heating, tap water, ventilation and thermostat appliances aiming at providing innovative and energy efficient indoor climate solutions.

KNVvK Young Cool

The Royal Dutch Refrigeration Association represents all stakeholders in refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pumps in the Netherlands. They link suppliers, users, science and government.


Since 1992 STEK (‘Foundation for emission prevention in refrigeration engineering’) aims to reduce emissions in refrigeration, climate and heat pump engineering. Quality, sustainability and safety are central values. STEK offers certification of companies and individuals and facilitates knowledge  sharing on natural refrigerants, f-gases, heat pumps and EPBD.

Triple Aqua Licensing Ltd.

TripleAqua is a heat pump technology granted with EU patent which disables the essential need for a four-way-valve, so the refrigerant cycle is never reversed. Natural refrigerants such as Propane and CO2 are applied in this technology.

Van Kempen Koudetechniek B.V.

Van Kempen Koudetechniek has more than 75 years of experience in industrial cooling. Van Kempen Koudetechniek installs cooling solutions in the agricultural and horticultural sectors, the logistics sector and the food industry. They engineer also the automation of cooling installations.