Who we are

The activities of Refrigerants, Naturally! are driven by its members. They are guided by the honorary board, elected every three years by the association's General Assembly. The board members represent the organization and provide strategic guidance to the activities and priorities of Refrigerants, Naturally! The board and the association members are supported by our secretariat staff.

Our board members

Dietram Oppelt (Chair)

"Heating and cooling allow comfortable living. Refrigerants are essential to power heating and cooling appliances. Appliances powered by renewable energies and using natural refrigerants allows climate-neutral cooling and heating. We must arrive at these solutions sooner rather than later. There is no time to loose for the transition to natural refrigerants. Natural refrigerants occur naturally in the environment, limit climate and environmental damage and have superior properties.  Join us at Refrigerants, Naturally!"

Wim den Boer (Deputy chair)

"All of my life I worked in the refrigeration and air-conditioning industry. Synthetic refrigerants were dominant in my work. However we learned over the years that they are burdening our climate and threatening future life and therefore it is time for change. The future belongs to natural refrigerants."

Antoine Azar (Deputy Chair)

 "Energy efficient and commercially viable solutions exist for almost all subsectors in the cooling and refrigeration field. Systems with natural refrigerants are wide-spreading in developed and developing countries, from small residential appliances to large commercial and industrial installations. In most cases, there are neither technical nor economical reason to not switching to environmentally friendly solutions which eliminate direct emissions by using natural refrigerants and reduce indirect emissions due to their higher energy performance."

Our secretariat

Britta Pätzold 

"The climate crisis is the biggest challenge of the coming years. At the same time, rising temperatures will increase the need for cooling and air conditioning in many countries. Natural refrigerants offer an environmentally friendly solution - Go Refrigerants, Naturally!"