Report on Sustainable cooling in Europe's small food retail published

A public report is now available for download on Sustainable cooling in the organic and small food retail sector. It was researched and published by the RefNat4LIFE project which was initiated by Refrigerants, Naturally! members. The report shares the first-ever approximation on Refrigeration, Air-Conditioning, and Heat Pump (RACHP)-related emissions within this sector in Europe. 


“As such data had largely been missing, a market study was implemented to gather insights into a sector often disregarded in European and national statistics,” says Paetzold. This was essential to get a better understanding of i) the number of stores in the sector, ii) the structure of the small food retail sector, iii) its economic position and challenges, and iv) the potential for GHG emissions savings in this sector. 


The report and an executive summary can be downloaded here on the  project website.